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oldstyle figures & lining figures

oldstyle figures have varying heights and are similar to lowercase characters and are the default figures in argesta font. lining figures are numerals which share a common height and fit better with all-cap text.

discretionary ligatures & stylistic alternates

discretionary ligatures are more decorative and heir calligraphic appearance can make them feel ornamental. scilla offers several alternative characters that allows to give another appearance for the look of the selected characters.

case-sensitive forms

when all-caps styling is applied, numerals and punctuation marks will be replaced with variants that align better with the capital letters.

fractions, superiors and ordinals

scilla includes features for numeric typography, including pre-designed fractions, numerators and denominators, superscript, scientific inferiors and ordinals.


scilla includes characters for use in the following:
afrikaans, albanian, basque, belarusian_lacinka, bosnian, breton, catalan, chamorro, chichewa_nyanja, croatian, czech, danish, dutch, english, esperanto, estonian, faroese, finnish, french, frisian, galician, german, hungarian, icelandic, italian, latvian, lithuanian, malagasy, maltese, norwegian, polish, portuguese, romanian, serbian, slovak, slovenian, spanish, turkish, welsh, alsatian, aragonese, arapaho, aromanian, arrernte, asturian, aymara, bislama, cebuano, cheyenne, cimbrian, corsican, fijian, french_creole, friulian, genoese, gilbertese, greenlandic, haitian_creole, hawaiian, hiligaynon, hmong, hopi, ibanag, iloko_ilokano, indonesian, interglossa_glosa, interlingua, irish_gaelic, istro-romanian, jerriais, kashubian, kurdish_kurmanji, ladin, lojban, lombard, low_saxon, luxembourgeois, malay_latinized, manx, maori, megleno-romanian, mohawk, nahuatl, norfolk_pitcairnese, northern_sotho, occitan, oromo, pangasinan, papiamento, piedmontese, potawatomi, quechua, rhaeto-romance, romansh, rotokas, sami_inari, sami_lule, samoan, sardinian, scots_gaelic, seychelles_creole, shona, sicilian, somali, southern_ndebele, southern_sotho, swahili, swati_swazi, tagalog_filipino_pilipino, tahitian, tausug, tetum, tok_pisin, tongan, tswana, turkmen, turkmen_latinized, tuvaluan, uyghur_latinized, veps, volapuk, votic_latinized, walloon, warlpiri, xhosa, yapese, zulu, latinbasic, ubasic, demo.