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weights fonts pairs

archia (thin, light, regular, semibold and bold).
argesta (text, text italic, display, display italic, hairline, headline and headline italic).
bariol (regular, bold and icons).
bariol (light, regular, italic and bold).
basier circle (regular, medium, semibold and bold).
basier circle mono (regular and italic).
basier circle narrow (regular, italic, medium and semibold).
basier square mono (regular, medium and bold).
bould (light, regular, medium, semibold and bold).
bulevar (regular and bold).
calendas plus (regular and italic).
cassannet plus (light, regular, bold, black and ultra).
chaney (regular, wide, extended and ultraextended)
geomanist (light, regular, book, medium, bold, black and ultra).
izoard (regular).
knile (thin, extralight italic, light, light italic, regular, italic, medium and black).
musetta (regular).
n27 (light, regular, medium and bold).
novela (poster, display, display italic, regular, italic, bold and black).
noway (thin italic, light, regular, medium and bold).
parking (regular).
rouna (regular, regular italic, medium and bold).
salomé (deco, fine and fine italic).
sawton bauhaus (light, regular and bold).
sawton circular (thin, light, regular and bold).
sawton industrial (light).
scilla (regular and italic).
scilla narrow (regular and italic).
silka (light extralight, regular and medium).
silka mono (light, regular, italic, semibold and bold).
stampa (regular).
strawford (regular, medium, bold and black).
wotfard (extralight, light and regular).